Last week I had present to us about Joy Centre that related to Surah Al-‘Alaq verse 15th. The word “nasiyah” according to sciectist mean Joy Centre. What is Joy Centre? What is relationship between Joy Centre, calm, brain and ourself based on Surah Al-‘Alaq? All the answers was given last week in our halaqah.

By SUSAN JIMISON / Weekly World News

You can be happy, healthy and satisfied every day of your life with a
simple mental exercise, says a top expert - and the easy-to-learn
technique is effective, available to everyone and totally cost-free!

Using the six simple steps described by brain researcher Pete Sanders
you can trigger the joy center in your brain and magically:

Relieve stress, Banish pain, Cure depression, Restore sexual potency, Boost energy, Improve sleep, Eliminate worries, Soothe anger, anxiety or fear, Combat pain, Reduce high blood pressure, Control weight and many more.

"Just a few minutes of mental relaxation and visualization can leave you
feeling upbeat, peaceful and full of energy," says Sanders, a
Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who runs his own
company in Sedona, Ariz.

"It's a simple biofeedback technique that can help you quit smoking,
lose weight or sleep like a baby.

"This incredible technique can do everything that expensive drugs can do
- and it doesn't cost a cent. I'm outraged more hasn't been done
with it.

"Scientists and doctors have known for years that stimulating a specific
area of the brain - the septum pellucidum - can have amazingly
beneficial effects. It creates a mellow, energized feeling that is
best described as an inner smile.

"Activating it also clears the repetitive cycles of worry, hurt, anger,
and fear that can be created in other parts of the brain."

To call forth the astounding benefits of the joy spot, Sanders
recommends the following steps:

1. First, learn to locate your joy center. Close your eyes, sweep your
fingers up and tap the forehead an inch or two below the hairline.
Now imagine a little sparkle of light traveling two-thirds of the
way into your brain from that spot. This area is the brain's joy

2. Now, relax. Breathe slowly and deeply, as you do just before falling
asleep. This will help your body eliminate stresses that interfere
with biofeedback.

3. Use visualization to travel to your joy center. Picture a cool breeze
or a stream flowing from that spot on your forehead into the septum

Don't concentrate too hard, just let your imagination move gently to the
right place inside your head.

4. Search for the strongest effect. You're looking for that spot in your
brain that, when touched by your imagination, delivers an "Ahhhh"
feeling, a sense of an inner smile. When you hit the joy center,
you'll get a sense of relief and well-being. In your thoughts, vary
the level of your imaginary probe. Fine-tune it until you locate the
right area.

5. "Stroke" your joy center. Send pulses of energy into your brain.
After a few pulses, you should feel relief from pain, anxiety and
frustration. You'll feel peace and contentment.

6. Practice, practice, practice. This is a biofeedback process, and you
won't be able to do it perfectly right at the beginning. Use the
technique a few times every day and within weeks you'll experience
the joy, good health and love life you've always dreamed of.

You can perceive or feel the effect? If no please try again and get more info and tips from me. Good Luck.


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